Add a high quality set of 2 Boards & 8 Bags to your court as an option for an additional low price of $320 to complete your CornholeCourt experience.

Board Features

  • Tops are made from solid 3/4" 3B Baltic Birch or 3B Maple. All frame components are made from 4B Baltic Birch Plywood.
  • Built to tournament grade specs 24" wide x 48" long, 3" off front and 12" in back for the perfect pitch angle.
  • All wood edges have a soft round-over, which adds finished appearance and prolongs bag life.
  • Built in scoreboard added on one leg brace side.
  • Graphics are directly UV printed onto the wood.

Bag Features

  • The sticky side of the bag (white) provides a quick response stop and helps you block the other player. The slick side helps you to get that hole friendly slide many players are looking for. There are 4 blue, slick-sided bags and 4 yellow, slick-sided bags in a set. Each of the 8 bags has a white- look mob sticky side.

Our Boards & Bags Set is optional with all of our courts for an additional low price of $320


Product Warnings

  1. The Cornhole Court is only to be used for the intended purpose (playing and enjoying Cornhole).
  1.  The Cornhole Court could be a tripping hazard.  Caution should be used when entering and exiting the Court so as not to trip over the edges of the Court.  Be careful to fully extend the Court prior to and during play to avoid ripples in the Court.  
  1. Do not use if the playing surface of the Cornhole Court is wet.
  1. The Cornhole Court may harm grass, plants or other vegetation if left in place for extended periods of time.  
  1. The Cornhole Court could cause suffocation if people or animals are rolled up in the Court.
  1. The Cornhole Court should not be used by those wearing hard soled footwear, footwear with heals, cleated footwear (such as football or soccer cleats), golf spikes or any footwear with spikes, hard grooves or other tread that could reasonably be expected to damage the Court.  
  1. The Court should not be left unattended. 
  1. Children 18 and should be supervised by a responsible adult. 
  1. Due to the nature of large format polyvinyl manufacturing, you may see small cosmetic blemishes on your Cornhole Court. We have found that these small blemishes do not worsen over time and do not take away from the awe-inspiring look and feel of your Cornhole Court.

    Additionally, due to the manufacturing process, there could be a tolerance of +/- one inch between the foul lines. If you consider this potential tolerance to be significant, we suggest adjusting for this using adhesive backed hook and loop. Simply attach the hook to the bottom of the front edge of your board and attach the loop to the Cornhole Court. This also virtually eliminates the need to adjust the placement of your boards during play.