Add a high quality set of 2 Boards & 8 Bags to your court as an option for an additional low price of $320 to complete your CornholeCourt experience.

Board Features

  • Tops are made from solid 3/4" 3B Baltic Birch or 3B Maple. All frame components are made from 4B Baltic Birch Plywood.
  • Built to tournament grade specs 24" wide x 48" long, 3" off front and 12" in back for the perfect pitch angle.
  • All wood edges have a soft round-over, which adds finished appearance and prolongs bag life.
  • Built in scoreboard added on one leg brace side.
  • Graphics are directly UV printed onto the wood.

Bag Features

  • The sticky side of the bag (white) provides a quick response stop and helps you block the other player. The slick side helps you to get that hole friendly slide many players are looking for. There are 4 blue, slick-sided bags and 4 yellow, slick-sided bags in a set. Each of the 8 bags has a white- look mob sticky side.

Our Boards & Bags Set is optional with all of our courts for an additional low price of $320


Personalize Your Own Cornhole Court





The Cornhole Court is patented and made in the U.S.A.  It is made of sturdy 13mil poly vinyl chloride with UV ink printing, intended to give you years of Cornhole playing enjoyment. Using an ultra violet process, the courts can be injected with a wide variety of color, shades, and tones to further individualize your Cornhole Court. With prices starting at $489 for the Tailgater and $659 for the Champ, virtually anyone who enjoys Cornhole will want to add The Cornhole Court to their Cornhole collection.

Personalized Custom Cornhole Courts
Are Available In Many Color Combinations
  • Make your venue the center of attention of every Cornhole event.
  • Patented and proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Easily folds and stores away until the next time you play.
  • Choose from a variety of standard courts or design your own.
  • Ready to play in minutes with quick, easy and consistent board placement.
  • Eliminates the need to adjust your boards during play.
  • Protects your bags from getting dirty.
  • Can be used in windy weather.

The Champ
Starting at $659

The Tailgater
Starting at $489

Select your court size and style to get started, then choose from on of our Standard Designs for U.S. related themes and more.

The Classic Cornhole Court comes with three graduated distances. 

  • The Regulation line at 27 feet is the regulation distance for Cornhole competition and the serious player.
  • The Recreation line at 24 feet is for those who simply want to toss their bags around a little.
  • The Novice line at 21 feet is for those starting out or for those who just want to keep the game casual.

The Pro Series option is our same quality as the Classic Champ & Tailgater Cornhole Courts, but without the graduating distances. This “all business” version is for the player who is only looking for the regulation distance.